Management of the CSR

Management of the Canning Stock Route by the traditional owners is coordinated through Kuju Wangka, with ultimate responsibility for various parts resting with the relevant prescribed body corporate - see Contacts for further information.

There are six ranger teams who work to look after cultural sites and conduct environmental management work along the Canning Stock Route.  The teams look after the tourist facilities, install interpretative materials and ensure tourists have the correct permits.

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For information about prescribed burning occuring on the Canning Stock Route please click here

Birriliburu rangers
Ngurrara Animal trapping 177.JPG
Ngurrara rangers conducting fauna monitoring
Martu ranger teams at Windy Corner
Birriliburu rangers conducting water testing at Well 12
  Paruku ranger team

pinpi csr 034.JPG

Tourists helping the Martu rangers to clean off
the graffiti at Pinpi (Durba Springs)

Pinpi CSR trip 1 (1).JPG
Jigalong Martu ranger team beginning construction
of the rock art interpretation walk at
Pinpi (Durba Springs)
Parnngurr Martu ranger team conducting mosaic burning
Ngurrara Animal trapping2 064.JPG
Ngurrara ranger team out on patrol
Pinpi CSR trip 2 228.JPG
Jigalong Martu ranger team cleaning the toilets at Pinpi (Durba Springs)
Pinpi CSR trip 2 206.JPG
Movie night provided for tourists by Jigalong Ranger
team at Pinpi (Durba Springs)
Ngurrara Animal trapping2 214.JPG
Ngurrara ranger team protecting cultural sites
Pinpi CSR trip 2 042.JPG
Jigalong ranger team checking permits
CSR trip Kaalpi week2 432.JPG
Installation of new Canning Stock Route signs by Martu ranger teams