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To apply, go to the Visitor Permit System

Why do you need a permit?

The 4WD track that you will travel on deviates from the original, historic track.  In some areas, it deviates substantially.  This takes the 4WD track out into country over which the Aboriginal groups hold native title and where there is no public right of access.This is the first reason why you are asked to get a permit to travel the Canning Stock Route - because there will certainly be occasions when you will leave the historic Canning Stock Route track, and will be venturing into native title lands.

The second reason is that the "public access corridor" includes significant Aboriginal sites.  Many of these sites are registered and protected under the WA Aboriginal Heritage Act, 1972.  This is hardly surprising, given that Canning located the majority of his wells on or beside Aboriginal waterholes that he had been led to.Despite a public right of access along the Canning Stock Route, there is no public right of access to these registered sites.  The permit will give you access to the majority of these sites - in particular, the wells and the area around them. The third reason for cooperating with the permit system is that this system helps the various Aboriginal groups to manage the Canning Stock Route more effectively.

The numbers travelling this country are rising every year.  You will see some of the impact of this on the country.  Aboriginal groups want to improve facilities for people travelling the Canning Stock Route. They work closely together and with a variety of Government and voluntary organizations to try to protect and look after the environment, the campsites and the facilities along the Canning Stock Route.It is likely that you will see Aboriginal Rangers as you travel through this country.  Their concern is to protect the cultural, environmental and heritage values of the Canning Stock Route and the country all around it.  They would be very happy to talk to you about what they're doing. 

What does the permit money get used for?
The money is used on administration of the permit system and protection of environmental, cultural and heritage values of the Canning Stock Route by Traditional Owners.

Apply for a permit

There are currently two permits required for the Canning Stock Route. People wishing to travel the full length of the CSR and/or across sections are required to have both permits.

One is for the Birriliburu, Ngurrara and Tjurabalan sections between Wells 5-15 and between Wells 40-51. Please visit the Canning Stock Route Visitor Permit System to apply for your permit. This system allows you to apply, pay and obtain your permit online prior to your trip.

The second is for the Martu section between Wells 16-39. Please visit Four Wheel Drive Australia to obtain your permit for this section.

Bush camping is available at Lake Stretch

A Paruku IPA permit is required. $30/vehicle 1st night, $10/vehicle additional nights. This also gives access to the 275km Lake Gregory loop track and two other Lake Gregory Campsites.

Carnarvon Ranges Open for tourism for the month of July

The Carnarvon Range will be open to tourism for the month of July with Birriliburu traditional owners and rangers stationed at their base camp performing a range of management activities around the Carnarvon Range. This will enable visitors to engage directly with traditional owners and rangers around some of those activities and to find out more about their important work and about the impressive values of the area.
The Birriliburu native title holders have been managing access to Katjarra over the years through their organization Mungarlu Ngurrarankatja Rirraunkaja (Aboriginal Corporation) (MNR). Visitor management at Katjarra has been a major focus for the native title holders and the Birriliburu Rangers over the past 5 years. In 2014, the trial permit is being offered as a further step toward positive management of this important area

Please refer to the website for permit application, conditions and other information