Prescribed burning

Between the months of April and September travellers through along the Canning Stock Route are likely to see fires lit by indigenous rangers and Traditional Owners. This is an important part of landscape management, reducing the risks associated with hot summer wildfires, protecting cultural sites, communities and critical wildlife habitats.


Ngurrara Rangers will be undertaking on ground fuel reduction burning along the Canning Stock Route from well 49 to well 41 on the week of the 1st of April. Caution is advised if traveling in this area.  For further information please contact the Ngurrara country manager on 0488220443


fire image.jpg

Fire lit by Martu Rangers in Spinifex grasslands.

Travellers concerned with the presence of fires in the landscape should exercise caution, and contact local communities, each PBC or email for up to date information on fires in the area. Should rangers be in the area, they can be contacted via UHF channel 40.

fire image 2.jpg

 Patchwork of fire scars around the Punmu community