Travelling the CSR


When to travel?
The recommended time to travel along the Canning Stock Route is between May and September.  This time of year provides relatively mild temperatures during the day and evenings.  Be warned some evenings may drop to zero degrees so make sure you pack appropriately.

Travelling outside this time frame is not recommended due to extreme heat and possible wet and boggy conditions. In addition, travelling outside the main travel season will mean that you are more isolated in this unforgiving terrain.  

If there is the potential for a large amount of rain forecasted, it is advisable to postpone the journey due to boggy conditions.  Driving through some areas of the Canning Stock Route at these times can affect the track for the rest of the travellers.  It is strongly advised that you check with the local authorities on road closures and road conditions before you set out on your journey. 

It is essential all vehicles travelling on the Canning Stock Route have sand flags attached.  This assists in reducing the likelihood of colliding with other vehicles crossing the high dunes.

Preparation is important to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable journey on the Canning Stock Route. There are numerous books available which can assist you in your planning process. The following are just a few suggested by the Australian National 4WD Council:

More information regarding distances between wells, facilities and services available, car preparation and recommended car and camping equipment is detailed in the Information Booklet which is issued as part of your permit pack.

When travelling on the Canning Stock Route be sure to use Channel 40 to call ahead your journey and when approaching high sand dues. It is important for all travellers not to clog up the channel with general chatter.  We recommend the use hand-held radios to talk between vehicles travelling in a group.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Please be aware of whilst drinking water is available at Wiluna this does not include the ability for people to fill their caravan, trailer etc. to be taken in large quantities.  There is a standpipe in the town and can be accessed for a charge at the Shire Office.  Please contact the Wiluna Shire for further information 08 9981 8000